Pre-Construction Services

Before a project starts, we work with the owner or franchisee to provide direction or feedback on drawings and advise on cost-savings opportunities with the project.

We can define the project schedule, budget and scope in order to provide the most efficient work that will save you time and money. Converge can also provide preliminary planning and engineering to better define each project, identify potential issues and do a cost analysis.

General Contracting

As general contractors, we manage and hire subcontractors while acting as the primary contact with our clients.

We offer a lump-sum on the project and work with a strict schedule and time frame. We are responsible for clearly defining the project’s budget and parameters in order to eliminate any cost overruns. We supervise all aspects of the project to ensure all the work is done to the standard requested.

Construction Management

As construction managers, we are responsible for the overall planning, coordination, and control of your project’s build.

We offer a fee percentage with our services to help you manage your budget more effectively. We work with the team you have assembled to make sure that the project is executed on time and on budget.


For the design-build projects, Converge is responsible for the entire project from concept to completion.

This includes design the building, creating a budget and managing the project cost and timelines as well as construction from start to finish. As the owner or franchisee, when you select a design-build you only need to manage one contract with one company, making this the most popular option for our clients.  


New Construction

Converge offers new builds, including design, engineering, budget, project and construction management.

We will build a brand new property from the ground up.


Converge also provides renovations and modifications to both commercial and industrial buildings.

We can provide new drawings to improve the layout and flow and manage the project.


If there has been a fire or flood, or any type of incident where part or all of your property needs to be rebuilt or repaired, we can help.

Once the demolition has already started, we can rebuild and restore your building to the previous layout or redesign it.


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